by Mt. Moon

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Am I awake or is this a dream?
Either way, I have no control.
Fed up with the notion of trying something new.
I'm drifting along with no hope and no cause.
Silent, once again.
Vacant glaces at the room. It's your fault I'm through.

The emptiness says it all.

First time in a while, it's all becoming clear.
A countdown and a dash of fear. The time is now.
I've waited so long to tell you these things, but where to begin?
Your brilliant plan to a desired end. Covering up selfishness with selfless acts.
It makes no difference now.
I found you out.
You're not opaque as you'd like to be.

Can you tell me is my heart beating? Is my breath fleeting? Am I really here?
Can you tell me how you put me in this state of being and knew it all along?
I'm here to tell you that I'm still breathing and I am seeing a way to move on.
I'm here to tell you that I'm done seeing my life playing in a washed out sepia.


released July 7, 2015
Andrew Lane- Bass
Roy Tweedie- Guitars/Vocals
Nick Norton- Drums/Guitars/Production




Mt. Moon Presque Isle, Maine

A New England rock band that records music.

Andy- Bass
Roy- Guitars/Vocals
Nick- Drums/Production

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